I need to change default browser for select groups of users in our instant clones pool. Since it was only for select users, a GPO didn’t make allot of sense and i try to avoid those as much as possibly with VDI in general. I figured i should be able to do this with VMware UEM.

  1.  Download the SetDefaultBrowser.exe from THE KOLBICZ BLOG
  2. Create a .bat file with “%~dp0SetDefaultBrowser.exe chrome” in it (you change the Chrome to any browser documents in the blog from Kolbicz)
  3. Put the bat file and the exe on a file server that can be accessedChrome
  4. In VMware UEM, setup a shortcut pointing to the bat file on file server thats places into the startup folder. Chrome
  5. Under conditions you can set it up to apply to a Group or OU or just for everybody.

That’s it, now every time a user log’s in the bat file is run from the start up folder  and the default browser is changed. I was trying to get this to work with a Logon Task without much success.